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Bingo Websites


Bingo Websites - If you are new to online bingo or a seasoned online bingo veteran, you have come to right place. We use top of the line online bingo software that is years ahead of our competitors. We hope you make, your home for online bingo.

If you cannot get to any bingo halls, why not try which is a great place to play bingo online.

If you forget your password or nickname, at the Log in screen you will see a line that says:“If you forgot your PASSWORD click here to request it.” Your nickname and password will be sent to the email address that you have registered with Zodiac Bingo.

If you have the makings of a flush or royal flush, you may choose to let it ride. The odds are reduced each time a card is exposed, so you can limit your losses in each instance to the $ circle bet.

If you purchase our software using our credit/debit card option, which is processed through, then you should receive your license key within a few minutes of your card being processed. Sometimes this process can take a little longer, so allow 48 hours before contacting ShareIT or ourselves.

If you want to try a site for a bit to see if you want to play with your own money there, things are different. In this case you should take a closer look at promotions offering sign up bonus and free cards. Although clearly smaller in value than bonuses, they are a great fun way of playing online Bingo Online for free.

If you're playing to win, know the odds of your game and play accordingly. The numbers may be dull, but they are your roadmap to avoiding the losing plays. Hunches, ESP, clairvoyance, tea leaves, remote viewing and divination are all sorry secondary choices to the mathematics of your game. Try free bingo today at

In 1929, when the game first came to America, it was known as “beano”. First, it was played in carnival close to Atlanta. Edwin S. Lowe, a salesman from New York, changed its name to “Bingo” after hearing someone shout “bingo” instead of “beano”. Lowe hired a mathematics professor to help him increase the number of possible combinations on a Bingo card. By 1930, they got 6000 different Bingo cards.

In a previous article, I had written about numerous methods of funding your online bingo account. Since the time of writing, I have stumbled across some other methods of depositing as well that I thought would be helpful to all.

In an advancement of the conventional style of bingo locations, the Fountain Park Mecca Bingo club in Edinburgh allows players to use some 500 touchscreen terminals, with software provided by ECM and a special service that links up food and drink ordering.

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