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Online Bingo Casinos - If you are one of those bingo nuts that hate to be separated from your online bingo site or game at your local hall, then you should get a travel bingo set.

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If you love bingo and happen to be in the New York area, then treat yourself to “Bingo,” the musical. The play, which debuted Off-Broadway, chronicles three ladies' passions for everything bingo. In terms of reflecting the reality of playing bingo in a real bingo hall, the musical gives its all. Actual bingo cards are distributed to audience members to play along with the show's characters, who sit onstage in a fictional church hall.

If you take the time to visit some of the online bingo sites out there, you will soon begin to understand why people see themselves as part of a community when they play. Using Bingomania as an example, there are many factors which create the sense of belonging and have bred a new family of online bingo communities around the world. Free chat rooms for fellow online bingo enthusiasts, member picture galleries and regular newsletter updates all work together to foster a truly special feeling amongst players.

If you would like to cancel your request for a backordered item or any order you have placed that hasn't been shipped please contact customer service at

If you're wondering what the odds are of filling up a card in the Bingo coverall game when only 50 numbers or less are drawn, it's 799, 398 with 48 numbers; 407,856 with 49 numbers and 212, 085 with 50 numbers.

In 1992, Tipton transferred the deed and the name of the business to her son, mike Tipton. After the charitible gaming laws had changed in 1994, Tipton wasn’t allowed to work at the bingo hall.

In a word, yes! We use a third party, secure server with modern encryption technology for all financial transactions. Your credit card information always remains confidential. (Much, much safer than the old days when we all gave a carbon copy of our card to the cashier!!!) We process thousands of transactions daily, with zero problems to date.

In bingo halls it's hard for all to hear the called numbers, many bingo halls are big and packed with people and all of them are busy with light conversation, which makes it hard for them to hear the numbers. And so, bingo callers came out with a humorous way of clearing a path for the numbers in the commotion of the busy bingo halls: nicknames. These help both the caller and the audience, thus making the bingo calling into a fun and clear action. Here is the complete list of bingo numbers nicknames:

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